A unique platform that allows all companies to ask questions about any information, environment and device. In addition, it offers very intuitive visual interaction and a very powerful mobile usability.
- Design of the architecture including the Cloud Services that you wish to use: Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Essbase.
- Configure Data Sync to be able to access from the different services to the data located in other clouds or in on-premises systems.
- Creation of several dashboards on Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service.
- Creation of several reports through Data Visualization.
- Optionally create model on Essbase.
- Implementation of the Day by Day app.
- Functional testing.
- Documentation.
- Development and good practices guide.
- Training for developers and administrators, including the use of the Day by Day app.
- Optional maintenance and support.
Duration: 7-10 weeks

The most complete analysis in the cloud

Control your data and your destination with Oracle Analytics Cloud

Visual Analytics for Sales

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