The internet of things is a reality. Each year more devices are installed within companies and a scalable platform is needed to support such an increase. Using Oracle IoT Cloud Service will connect your organisation easily to IoT devices, in addition to using the generated data in real time and integrating them into your business applications.
- Configuration of the Cloud components: IOT Cloud Services, Database as a Service (PaaS) and Storage.
- Architecture design including Cloud Services.
- Security modelling that includes the Cloud service.
- Development of services for Event capture: maximum 2 services.
- Installation and configuration of 1 type of device.
- Installation and configuration of Gateway.
- Design and create a control panel with events.
- Functional and loading tests.
- Documentation.
- Development guide and good practices.
- Training for developers and administrators.
- Optional maintenance and support.
Duration: 8 weeks

Why is Oracle IoT Cloud Service a great solution?

Presentation of "Mini-App" Monitoring in Cloud Service Asset of Oracle Internet of Things

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service

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