Software as a Service (SaaS) products have a wide range of funcionalities but, on occasion, it is necessary to make certain changes that allow us to adapt these products to satisfy our business model. Using products such as Oracle Mobile Hub or Visual Builder Cloud Service, we can easily extend the functionality so that it is consumed by a multi-device application or or add new functionalities to the SaaS product with Visual Builder.
- Configuration of Cloud components:
Flavour 1: Extend Desktop:
Java Cloud Service (SaaS Extension).
Database Cloud Service.
Flavour 2: Extend Mobile:
Mobile Cloud Service.
- Architecture design including Cloud Services.
- Development of up to 2 pilot forms in JCS.
- Development of up to 2 screens with MCS.
- Functional and loading tests.
- Documentation.
- Development and good practices guide.
- Training for developers and administrators.
- Optional maintenance and support.
Duration: 8 weeks

Cantabria Labs success story Mobility solution with Oracle MCS increases the efficiency of your sales team

Oracle Mobile Hub

Extending Oracle SaaS with Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service

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