Exadata is the best platform for Oracle database deployment. Its unique performance, scalability and security features enable you to improve the performance and productivity of your applications. If you have a significant installed base of Oracle Database, consolidating on Exadata in any of its deployment models (Exadata on-premise, Exadata Cloud at Customer or Exadata Cloud Service) will allow you to optimize your resources, reduce the need for new licenses and obtain at the same time a substantial performance improvement.

- Study of the current situation and the expected evolution of the DB platform.
- Study of support contracts.
- Analysis of evolution options.
- Analysis of database migration and upgrade requirements.
- Acquisition and implementation of the Exadata platform (on-premise, @Customer or Cloud).
- Migration of existing databases, using export/import, Dataguard or Oracle Golden Gate depending on downtime and source infrastructure.
- Adaptation and renewal of associated systems (backup, clients, applications, monitoring, ...).
- Knowledge transfer.
- Platform support.
3-6 months

Oracle Exadata

Oracle Database 21c now available on Oracle Exadata

MAA Best Practices - Exadata Database Machine

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