Modernise your organisation and carry workloads to Oracle Cloud (Tech Workloads) easily and securely . Discover how Oracle Cloud PaaS multiply the value of your on-premises or SaaS (PaaS for SaaS) applications.

Start your journey to Oracle Cloud quickly and securely, through the innovative packaged services that we have designed based on the needs most demanded by our customers. Save time and costs by implementing solutions built on hybrid architectures that combine Infrastructure and Oracle Platform. Discover below all our packs (grouped into 6 themes), created to accelerate and simplify your transition to the cloud.
PaaS for SaaS
Complement the functionality of the SaaS services that you have hired (in any cloud) through the multiple services of Oracle Cloud PaaS. This will allow you to extend the functionality of these SaaS services, improve their connectivity, increase your security and analyse the data in greater depth.
Business Analytics
Mobilise your data to the cloud and combine it with other sources, whether on-premises or in other clouds, to get the most out of your information through easy, secure and scalable visual analytics.
Content, Process & Mobile
Create and deploy mobile apps and smart chatbots that connect to any back-end system. Streamline processes and facilitate document management to simplify the day-to-day tasks of your employees, customers and partners who need to work from anywhere, any time and from any device.
Through cloud services you can integrate: your data using E-LT processes (extract, load and transform); its systems through modern services of integration of APIs and web services; your IoT devices managed with a real-time gateway. All this, integrated with your business applications on-premises or in the cloud.
Easy, quick and streamlined implementation of any application in the public cloud. Enjoy a delivery and development platform for hosted equipment that includes problem tracking, control of code versions, wiki and agile development tools; all with continuous integration and delivery automation.
Developer Clo
Enjoy a fully scalable, simple, flexible and highly available cloud database. Implement from small databases to high performance needs. Have a service that supports any workload, deployments in backup and disaster recovery environments.